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When a person accepts professional advice and services from a solicitor they have a right to expect that they will be able to rely on the latter using reasonable skill and judgment when dealing with their case. A duty of care is created between lawyer and client, and when this duty is breached, and the client suffers financial losses as a result, they may be able to claim compensation for professional negligence.

Negligent Solicitors - Duty Of Care To Clients

The legal standard of client care expected from a solicitor is that which a client would expect from a reasonably competent fellow legal professional. The question therefore is whether a solicitor has given reasonable advice to their client, and whether they have handled the client’s case in a reasonably competent manner. Where a solicitor has made errors or omissions while dealing with a case the financial consequences for a client can prove disastrous. For this reason solicitors must hold indemnity insurance, covering them for claims against them of up to £1 million.

Negligent Solicitors - Limitation And Deadlines

Virtually any type of legal matter may ultimately give rise to a professional negligence claim against a solicitor. In the field of personal injury compensation claims lack of prompt action on the part of solicitor may allow a claim to become time-barred if the limitation period of three years for beginning the case has been exceeded. Solicitors may miss deadlines in various other scenarios while representing a client, as courts impose rigorous time limits on matters such as the submission of relevant documents and written correspondence. Where negligence of this kind results in the failure of a claim, the client will have a right to seek compensation for their financial losses.

Negligent Solicitors - Leases And Conveyancing Errors

The most common area where solicitors make mistakes is when dealing with residential and commercial leases. Often they will fail to carry out the proper checks on a property, especially during conveyancing, which should accurately determine the physical extent of a property, and the legal ownership of its constituent parts. Errors and omissions in conveyancing can cause buyers to pay over the odds for a property, or assume legal ownership that can later be contested.

Solicitors may also fail to renew a lease on a property at the appropriate time, or may not accurately interpret the terms, potentially resulting in their clients being unexpectedly evicted. Property sellers may also be the victims of professional negligence, if for example their solicitor misinterprets legal title to part of a property causing the owners to sell at below the market value.

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